JavaScript is disabled. I had a replcement in july and the dealer told me it would take a day or two extra because Spesh had just decided to exchange all the motors in stock for new ones from Brose. WebBrose Drive: silent, powerful, smart We have transferred our extensive knowledge of drive systems from the automotive industry to the e-bike. The Turbo Levos seat tube angle positioned my hips over the bottom bracket rather than behind it, improving seated climbing comfort and efficiency compared to a bike that encourages a more stretched position. Its progressive nature, where it tapers both on and off in the same way a riders natural inputs would, make it exceptionally easy to control. OP here. Even if he stuck in an MMRTG there'd be a 90kg weight penalty for 250w Oh to have a more efficient MMRTG on a bike . no range anxiety.. Introduction I set the rebound to taste, and the GRIP dampers compression lever was set to fully open. WebPeartune MSO 4.0 For Brose Specialized 2.0 | 2.1 | 2.2 Motors 2021-2023 193.00 Sale eBike Tuning Kit Planet3 for Brose Specialized Turbo Levo Comp and Comp Carbon 2019 Motor and transmission advances are exciting but where are the super light weight, recharge in no time forever, environmentally friendly batteries. This makes keeping the front wheel glued to the ground or feeding in traction to the rear wheel much easier than a bike with geometry that stretches a rider out over the front, or positions them a long way over the back wheel. As is an accurate battery life percentage. The Brose Drive S Mag also belongs in this category of eMTBs, though it is noticeably more powerful than the Shimano or Bosch, allowing you to get up the climbs just that little bit quicker. Both the TQ and SACHS motors are even faster uphill, with over a 100 Nm torque on offer. Thanks to a Horst-link pivot flip chip and three head-angle positions, its geometry can be morphed from sedate trail bike to raked-out enduro rig. Over 500 miles in on my turbo levo comp 2021. I suspect Ill get my first motor failure in three months because of either Alex moved to Morzine in the French Alps at 19 to pursue a career as a bike bum and clocked up an enormous amount of riding. I've had to replace the Brose motor 3 times, all under warranty. That said, the LED battery and mode indicators are logical and clear to read. 2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo - have brose fixed the motor issues yet ? No issues since then (although walk-mode needs a firmware fix Im sure is coming). Specialized uses the S motor but calls it "Turbo 1.3" or Turbo 2.1 (Mag) and there's an app that you can tune motor performance via bluetooth on your smartphone. It was covered in a thread a few weeks ago about ebike developments. Compared to the Yamaha-driven Giant Reign E+ 1, the Turbo Levo is much more efficient and easier to control. Speculating about future technology certainly doesnt come from a place of fear for me. Or this guy is doing some magic? Want to discover the world? Definitely not normal. He says on flat ground there isn't any assist difference between 75% and 100% at any speed over 20mph. I like to consider the possibilities the tech might open up. This gave the front end a perceptible pinginess on small, chattery bumps, which reduced grip and control. Mountain (126) Road (77) Active (70) The increased pressures required to maintain carcass stability accentuated the harshness of the fork and under-damped feel of the rear shock. |, b/4/0/c/b40cfb101c2580910bda67133a00289a0fc1b440_Specialized_Turbo_Levo_Comp___01.JPG, Adjustable geometry that feels great on the trail; good battery life; powerful motor; comfy seat and grips, Suspension-damper function limited; puncture-prone tyres; asking price not equitable to performance on tap. The Turbo Levo got a true workout on a wide range of trails. I took those claims with a pinch of salt at the time but if deliverable then clearly in 5 years well be much better off as thats a couple of kilos off the weight. That connection helped it feel amazing in the turns, where it was easy to lean over and commit, the bike augmenting rider inputs by just the right amount. That means finding out which of these eight bikes is the best electric mountain bike currently on sale was made a little easier. I think, this is not normal. Gonna hold off on the software update for that single reason. After power on, noise is back. Already have an account with us? Still going ? The motors natural, discreet but strong assistance defines a large part of the ride. WebE-Bikes (65) Framesets (3) Category. this is going off topic a little (brose) .. and we don't like to do that .. Discover another part of the world. Although that sounds impressive, its axle path is similar to most traditional low-pivot bikes, rather than being innovative. Specialized hasnt compromised on motor or battery specifications for this Alloy version, so to keep the price down certain parts have been downgraded from the S-Works model. The Turbo Levos geometry makes it a trail bike like no other. Make international friendships? Without pedals, my S4 test bike weighed 24.02kg on my scales. This ebike version has thicker stanchions compared to standard EVOL 36s, and means the air spring has a lower volume. The Turbo Levo Comp Alloy is at the more affordable end of the spectrum compared to the SWorks bike, coming in at 6,750, but with the intention of retaining the magic of the carbon-framed version that was such a resounding success. Out back is a Fox Float X Performance shock with low-speed rebound adjustment and a two-position lockout. The Brose came out for the 2019 models so expect 2021 release WebNow in its 20th year, Motor & Drive Systems is the sell-out global conference bringing together industry thought leaders focused on the latest technical advancements in motor, The motor and battery life are up there with the best of them, giving the Bosch and Shimano units a run for their money. The only thing that causes a little concern would be it failing 30 miles out from the car, with 5k ft of climbing to go! amilies can welcome a foreign student in their home for 2-4 weeks in the summer or 2 weeks during fall, winter, or spring vacations. 2019 Levo Comp, 6 months old, second motor. In this video, we check out the Brose motors in Specialized's Turbo Ebikes. It compromised comfort and increased hand fatigue, too. Or if they do it goes in the next Kenevo (2023). dobbyhasfriends Jul 24, 2022 5 6 7 Replies 188 Views 26K Apr 20, 2023 Bearing Man The World's largest electric mountain bike community. The World's largest electric mountain bike community. In this video, we check out the Brose motors in Specialized's Turbo Ebikes. Specializeds newest Turbo Levo received a lot of good press when it was launched, including a near-perfect review of the S-Works version written by me. This alloy-framed version of the Turbo Levo has the potential to be as good as the S-Works bike. Took it to an authorized Specialized bike shop and they installed a new battery. Alex is also a dedicated eMTB rider, and still dabbles in racing of a sort, doing his best to top the Strava leaderboard on the steepest, gnarliest and twistiest trails the Tweed Valley has to offer just for fun, of course. Alex is also a regular on the BikeRadar YouTube channel and BikeRadar podcast. !Links to my equipment:-----Famous Green Scale: Mic: (Bikes Shots): the part? The majority of the ebike testing happened in Scotlands Tweed Valley, home to the legendary Glentress trail centre, Golfie enduro tracks and Innerleithen downhill runs. It was a similar story with the fork. You can read more of my experience These motors are made by a German brand called Brose, who specializes in OEM motors ?, I have not upgraded to the newest update due to some of the posts about the walk assist. My MY21 that I bought in August has a Jan 2020 manufacture date. Battery life is akin to Bosch- and Shimano-powered bikes fitted with the smaller 625Wh and 630Wh batteries, meaning the Turbo Levo is less efficient with how it uses its power. Spend a semester or a school year abroad with a host family and attend high school classes. regarding the 2020 Turbo Levo, I would advise to avoid it, the 2020 models may have the older motor version that suffered design issues. To boot, the soft Specialized Trail Grips and Bridge Comp saddle further boosted comfort; both are some of the most luxurious-feeling on the market. There was someone in the S class section offering to do it for money who must have had a tool to hack into the Brose motor,only Specialized dealers are supposed to have them. Then the speed indicator gets stabilized and keeps on showing the same value even at higher speeds. Was able to charge abd totally dead again after sitting over night. Taking a group abroad? It uses SRAMs GX Eagle drivetrain, but is fitted with a host of Specialized and Roval-branded parts. JavaScript is disabled. A first look at Crestline's new EEB, the 75 / 50. The Float X came installed with a yellow 0.2in cubed volume-reducer spacer and needed 190psi of pressure to stop excessive bottoming, but this sacrificed small-bump compliance. After few minutes uphill riding, strange noise comin from motor (ta-ta-ta). VERY disappointed in quality control at Specialized. This reduces traction and limits comfort on small bumps frequently found on worn-out trail centre surfaces, where the rear suspension feels harsh at the start of its travel. As soon as that was announced my thoughts were that the next motor for any of the Specialized bikes would be what Specialized made. Replaced with less than 400 miles on it. At the lower pressures required to improve comfort and traction, it struggled to provide enough support in its mid-stroke to truly complement the frames capabilities. When I switch motor off, noise is gone. There are a host of Specialized components, including bar, stem, saddle, grips, and wheels wrapped in Specialized Butcher front and Eliminator rear GRID TRAIL casing rubber, while the X-Fusion Manic dropper has 175mm of travel (S4). Foxs Float X shock isnt as supple and active as the X2 fitted to the S-Works version of this bike. The Turbo Levo Alloy Comp is aimed at offering S-Works performance at a lower cost. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Would you like to receive offers, updates and events from BikeRadar and its publisher Our Media Ltd (an Immediate Group Company)? Hes one of BikeRadars lead testers and knows how to push bikes and products to the limit, searching out the equipment that represents the best value for money. Full power motors provide 50 to 90 Nm of torque at the lower cadences of 50 to I think, this is not normal. However, the fork and shock, when coupled with the thin-casing tyres on this model, negatively impact control, smoothness and capability when the trails get rough and raw, which are the exact conditions the S-Works Turbo Levo excelled in. In many ways we dont even know if Specialized will go with another Brose motor. Save 25% + DMR Trail Gloves + DeathGrips when you subscribe to MBUK magazine, *Spring Savings* Try 6 issues of Cycling Plus for just 9.99 | Save 74% today, The frame and motor have virtually irreproachable performance, but its spec seriously limits the potential, GBP 6,750.00 RRP The time to travel and study abroad is now! The World's largest electric mountain bike community. When in use, the actual speed of 18 km/h will appear on your display. WebSpecialized Turbo Levo SL Expert PLANET3 Tuning Kit for Brose 2020-2022 Emtb 1 watched in the last 24 hours Condition: Used Used with only 70 miles of use Time left: 4d 2h | Saturday, 04:11 Starting bid: 50.00 [ 0 bids ] Submit Bid Price: 100.00 Buy it now Add to basket Watch this item Postage: May not post to United States. Other than that Ive added a 36t crank, and ride in trail turbo most of the time. After 300km, loud bang in motor when star pedaling. In the afternoon, there will be activities and excursions to practice language skills. Now I have another problem. Have been riding 2,200 km on my turbo levo 2021 ( have them for 6x weeks now). You've been subscribed to our newsletter. I give it 4-5 years but it could remove a lot of pain points for e-MTBs (wear and tear, opportunity to optimise into torque bands to reduce battery usage etc). Up front, we see a Fox 36 Rhythm ebike fork with 160mm of travel. These motors are made by a German brand called Brose, who specializes in OEM motors for the auto industry and how mid-drive motors for bicycles. Thanks to the reduced-volume air spring at the higher pressures needed to provide bottom-out resistance and mid-stroke support, it felt harsh at the start of its travel. The Comp Alloy is fitted with the largest 700Wh battery, but doesnt have the MasterMind TCU with in-built display. We sold thirty seven 2021 Levo Comps, none them have had a motor failure in six weeks. A first look at Crestline's new EEB, the 75 / 50. Despite this being the inaugural edition of eMTB Bike of the Year test, weve had plenty of experience testing ebikes to their absolute limits. For my 178cm height, I chose to test the S4 bike that has a 477mm reach. Has anyone put carbon handlbars on their Levo? This reduced bottom-outs, improved sensitivity and gave the bike 16mm/29 per cent sag. Active (38) Mountain (27) Road (9) Product Family. We go over all the features and design of these motors as well as find out precisely what they weight. Specialized turbo levo good choice or not. I had to wait an extra week for replacement last July because my dealer said Specialized refused to replace any more motors with the current (previous gen) stock. It was possible to run lower pressures on tame terrain, and this certainly improved composure, but on more rocky or faster trails, we experienced plenty of punctures. After starting with 93psi, where there was some harshness, I lowered it to 80psi and installed three volume-reducer spacers. We took it Based on how the E8000 was released I expect released late 2020 for 2021 models or even late 2021. Reactions: LeighPing. Now I have another problem. I think the best we can hope for is greater efficiency of the motor/drivetrain until then. That other 21 owners thread was too wordy 2021 S-Works Frameset. However, the Fox 36 chassis had plenty of stiffness to handle higher speeds, and I had no complaints about the GRIP damper in terms of control. After testing the bike in multiple geometry configurations, I settled on the slackest, lowest and longest settings. The generous 447mm chainstays and long 821mm front centre (the distance between the bottom bracket and front wheel axle) combine with the steep seat-tube angle and relatively stout top tube to give a fairly upright seated riding position. Now, I am waiting for 3rd motor. Thanks! Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. You are using an out of date browser. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Alex then moved back to the UK and put his vast knowledge of mountain biking to good use by landing a job working for MBUK magazine as features editor. Dont miss the opportunity. can everybody please share their MY2021 motor serial numbers? Customised to perfectly match Ok, motor was replaced with new one, dated July 2021. How does SpeedBox 1.0 work? Internal wiring issues Hitting those famous tracks day in, day out for eight years, he broke more bikes than he can remember. So with all the competition improving surely it's time for Specialised/Brose to put them selves back in front. Got a red/blue flashing light that I thought maybe was occurring because of heat. Absolutely love the bike but nothing but problems. A local repacker that specialises in power tools has done a few Shimano and Speshy repacks with great success. We carry over 30 brands and over 100 models of bikes. My 2021 Turbo Levo S-Works is in the shop AGAIN. Specializeds 2.2 motor co-developed with Brose and 700Wh capacity provide the assistance and power, boasting 90Nm of torque and 565 peak watts. Purchased the new S-Works Turbo Levo 6 weeks ago and has been at shop for over a week because of issues with motor/controller. Thanks to the 36 Rhythm ebike forks lower-volume air spring, I had to run less spring pressure than I was used to. During the test period, conditions ranged from mid-winter wet and snow through to dry and dusty warm spring conditions. My friend has a planet 3 and uses blevo. I set the rebound adjuster to fully open. Web*with TCU1 and Brose 2.1 motor (firmware 7.4.1). WebCrazy Lenny's Electric Bikes is the largest single-location ebike store in the USA. Unfortunately it didn't fix the issue. Although thats not say our job was simple, and choosing a winner came down to the wire where the second and first place bikes swapped positions more times than we checked our tyre and shock pressures. Ask again in 6 months haha. Motor manufacture date was Feb 2020. Bikes (172) E-Bikes (67) Framesets (41) Category. I know specialized and my LBS will take care of me should something fail. Marketing gives the impression that every bike is the best bike .. in reality, for most people they're just all really good and it probably doesn't make that much difference and the colour is probably more important in our day to day lives .. Now synonymous with Specialized bikes, the Sidearm strut that spans the length of the rear shock between the top and seat tubes is present and is claimed to tune the frames stiffness. Students live with a host family and attend classes on a daily basis. Once tech support receives info then we can point to a date. In terms of geometry, the Turbo Levo is still one of the disciplines greats. I would say that in the lifecycle of motors the latest Brose is fairly still new. Let me know what you think in the comments below \u0026 Don't forget to subscribe!! Well I've only had my STLC for a month now and have loved every minute, no faults at all, gears can be a bit clunky when changing down, but that could also be user error, I do have a slight clicking coming from somewhere around the top bracket but I'm looking into that, other than that it's a great bike and looks the nuts, I do also like the look of the new Trek. Its also claimed to Give your students the gift of international friendships. Visit your Local Bike ShopDISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Ill receive a small commission. However, the motor does have ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, and each of its three modes can be modified in the Mission Control smartphone app. For no reason, would go into turbo mode and could not even turn my bike off by pressing button on top tube. However, with the adjustable-volume air-spring shock, more progression can be added. This video on the left is the Brose 1.3, although similar to the Brose 1.2, it offers a bit more power, and on the right is the new magnesium cased Brose 2.1 motor. The Specialized SL 1.1 motor produces 240 W, providing the least output of the motors we tested. The others have a peak output two-, three- or sometimes even four times that. Torque output is given in newton metres (Nm), which describes the amount of rotational force the motor is able to generate. Consider a teacher-led homestay + excursions when planning future trips. With a Weve had a couple of encounters with the new EP8 motor already. 2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo Are Brose & Specialized Fixing Their Motor Problem ? The Turbo Levo Comp Alloys frame is made from Specializeds M5 premium alloy, featuring internally routed cables, integrated chain-slap protection and enough space beneath the shock for a 625ml water bottle. Crestline EMTB: Gravity-Oriented Long-Travel Electric Mountain Bike, We rode the new Shimano EP6 and EP8 (801) ebike motors. I'm not worried about it at all. Was able to remedy by "rebooting" bike like a computer by eventually being able to turn it off and restart. WebA motor that provides more torque will make it easier for you to accelerate and climb steep inclines. Wheelspins are irregular and traction on soft, wet ground is impressively easy to control. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I tested the Turbo Levo in Scotlands Tweed Valley, home to the UKs round of the Enduro World Series and legendary Glentress trail centre. Turned motor off and then back on and kept going. Reducing air pressure and increasing the number of tokens helped improve the forks performance, but compared to the larger air springs found on Foxs EVOL forks, it was still compromised enough to reduce the Turbo Levos overall ride quality. Ride Eco almost exclusively. Normally every 3 years for Brose and Bosch not sure about any others. Aug The 150mm of rear-wheel travel has been given Specializeds Rx Tune, where the kinematics, leverage curve, damper tunes and spring rates have all been designed to work together to provide the best on-trail feel. The last time the bicycle world saw something explode like this was the introduction of the mountain bike. Personally I am enjoying watching the technology of the ebike unfold. Arguably, though, its dampers and air springs limit how quickly, comfortably, or easily it can be ridden on gnarlier terrain, something Fox 38 and X2 or DHX2-equipped bikes dont suffer from. I have put 8500 miles on my Specialized Vado 5.0 in the last year. Battery wouldn't hold a charge, totally dead next day after finishing ride with 35% charge remaining. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. With a Weve had a couple of encounters with the new EP8 motor already. Web24 Mar 2021. It manages to balance stability and control without needing immense amounts of commitment to get it to hook turns or stick lines. We You must log in or register to reply here. Specialized states it has a rearward axle path up to 65mm into its travel, moving just under 5.6mm rearwards at its maximum point, then finishing 4mm further forward than full extension once it hits bottom-out. Instead, it has a 10-LED battery indicator and three-LED mode display. The eBike world seems to be so obsessed with whats better and whats next better make sure Ive got the best bike. Riders wont be disappointed with the power of the Turbo Levo and how its delivered. I think were a couple of years off from that leap forward that we all want. Crestline EMTB: Gravity-Oriented Long-Travel Electric Mountain Bike, We rode the new Shimano EP6 and EP8 (801) ebike motors. So I got the improved June 2020 motor and I bet you get one too on a 2021 bike you havent received yet. What do you think? Keeping down the asking price of this model sees Foxs 160mm-travel 36 Rhythm electric bike fork mated to a Fox Float X Performance shock. Fitted with the updated Turbo Full Power System 2.2 motor, the Turbo Levo offers 90Nm of peak torque, beating both Bosch and Shimano motors by 5Nm. does david ushery have cancer, accident in westminster, md yesterday, madison youth hockey teams,

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